March 5th, 2019

Cubicle Decor Do’s And Don’ts

When you spend an upwards of 40+ hours a week in one spot, its only natural to want to make that space comfortable, happy, and reflective of your personality. The drabness of many office cubicles can be depressing, and with few simple additions, you can make your desk your home away from home and create a space where you feel happy and productive. Need a little inspiration? Look no further than our Four Do’s and and One Big Don’t of Cubicle Décor:

Do: Make You Office Decor Colorful

Studies have shown that colors have a significant impact on our moods. Need to be calmer? Try adding a blue vase or fun file folders. Want energy? Try pinning up some bright fabric to your walls or adding red flowers. Adding color to your space should be simple, from flowers on your desk to colorful office supplies. Just be careful with anything that has a fragrance though, and be considerate of your fellow employees and any allergies they may have.

Do: Personalize Your Office Decor

Displaying pictures of loved ones and inspiration quotes is a great reminder throughout the day and also serves as a way to give your space a personal touch. Etsy is a great place to find frames and artwork to fit your unique taste. Another idea is out of the ordinary office supplies like this:

cubicle decor ideas
You can also decorate your space with chackies from your favorite travel destinations, or purchase prints from unique and up-coming artists from sites like Society6.

Do: Create Cubicle Mood Lighting

Fluorescent office lighting can be quite harsh, so adding a desk lamp in your space can help you beat the cubicle blues. Sunlight desk lamps can help boost energy levels and lighten the mood. You’ll just want to experiment with various light bulbs to find the one that works for you.

Do: Choose Cozy Decor

As Lifehacker suggests, bring in some of your own furniture or an area rug to make the space yours. Having the proper set up can make a huge impact towards your at-work attitude, so making yourself comfortable is essential to productivity.

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Creating mood lighting & adding color are 2 ways to make a #cubicle pop! Check out these décor tips from @ajilon:

Don’t: Forget to Check Company Policy on Cubicle Decoration

Personalizing your space is important, but as a courtesy to your neighbors, keeping your space free of clutter will help you maintain a good image.

When in doubt, remember to check with your company’s handbook and/or HR department for any rules or regulations regarding decorating your personal space before you get started.

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