October 16th, 2013

Facebook and Your Job Search

If you’re in the midst of a job search (or thinking of starting one), you’ve likely spent some time setting up or beefing up your LinkedIn profile. But have you thought about Facebook and your job search?  We’ve put together some quick pointers to help you leverage your Facebook profile beyond keeping up with your old high school or college friends:

Check your Facebook privacy settings.

Job seekers often tell us that they think of Facebook as part of their private life, whereas LinkedIn portrays their professional life. While there’s nothing wrong with keeping that social media divide, it’s important to be aware that recruiters and hiring managers are increasingly using Facebook not just to discover potential job candidates, but also to screen them for culture fit. So assume that if you’re looking for work, a hiring manager is checking out your Facebook profile – review your Facebook privacy settings to ensure your profile is sufficiently locked down and/or cleaned up.

Give Facebook Graph Search a try.

Facebook launched its Graph Search feature earlier this year, which you may have noticed as a larger search bar at the top of your Facebook profile. Facebook describes Graph Search as a way to “discover connections between people, places and things,” and job seekers can leverage it to find new networking opportunities. Check out Facebook’s Graph Search for Job Search tip sheet to use Facebook’s search engine to your job seeking advantage.

Check out Facebook job search apps.

There are numerous Facebook job search apps to explore, including apps that integrate with the big job boards, salary apps, and apps to help you promote your LinkedIn profile on Facebook. About.com offers a comprehensive guide to Facebook job search apps, including a how-to that explains how find and use them.


Cleaning up your Facebook page and using these apps and searches could have a huge impact on your job search. Have any questions or need any help? Leave a comment below and we will do our best to help!



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