February 8th, 2016

Logistics of Cleaning Up After the Big Game

If you hosted a party this weekend for the Big Game, chances are you were up late into the night (or skipped work on Monday) cleaning up after your friends and family. The people of San Francisco feel your pain. As soon as Denver left the field with the trophy, a massive cleanup operation went into effect and the logistics behind it are not to be underestimated.

What to do With the Leftovers?

Nonprofit organization, Food Runners San Francisco, worked with the caterers of the major events around the city to quickly pick up and distribute leftover food to various charitable agencies, homeless shelters and the tent cities surrounding San Francisco. In a normal week, the Food Runners team of volunteers distributes about 17 tons of food, so that number is expected to be significantly higher after the week’s major parties and events.

What About all that “Carolina Champions” Merchandise?

You know those hats and t-shirts the winners wear on the post-game podium? Well, the league needs to be prepared with the same hats and t-shirts for the other team, too. So, what happens to the approximately 100,000 pieces of runner-up clothing? Good360, a charitable organization that works efficiently with a network of 40,000+ other charities, has been tasked by the league to determine who gets the merchandise, based on where it is needed most. That determination is made as soon as the shipping containers are loaded—a process that’s happening right now. Past destinations for the clothing have included Zambia, Nicaragua and Armenia.

Who’s Gonna Clean Up This Mess?

Yesterday’s broadcast attracted hundreds of thousands of people to the Bay Area and, inevitably, all those people left a bit of a mess. As of Monday morning, crews were taking on the week-long process of disassembling the displays and activities along the Embarcadero at the foot of Market Street, as well as in the streets near Moscone Center. In the stadium itself, 75,000 fans and a few giant confetti machines left a mess that will take cleaning crews an estimated two weeks to clean up.

Hosting a major event takes a ton of planning and coordination, but there’s just as much involved in the post-party cleanup. If you hosted a party yourself, you understand the pain of both.



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