August 27th, 2013

LinkedIn Profile Tips Straight from Our Recruiters

A picture is worth a thousand words
“This isn’t Facebook. I don’t want to see you with a drink in your hand or a bathing suit on your person.”

Recruiters and employers alike want to associate a face with a name. They’re looking for someone who appears put-together and professional. Choose a shot that is in color, of only you, and from the waist up.

Take advantage of custom URLs
“This lets me know that you’re a) serious and b) know a thing or two about a computer.”

Updating your URL to include your name makes it easier for potential employers to find you and makes you seem like a tech-savvy candidate. Avoid nicknames, but do use the name you are best known by. For instance, if your name is Christina but everyone calls you Christy, Christy is the way to go.

Oh, you’re married?
“Did I mention this wasn’t Facebook?”

If you’re serious about finding a job, save the personal information for personal social media sites. There are plenty of online outlets for you to post pictures of your dogs or give 140-character updates on your exercise routine. Adding this type of information to your LinkedIn makes you seem self-involved and also begs the question – if you’re throwing this type of personal info at potential employers, what on earth are you posting for your friends?

Don’t just take my word for it
“Recommendations will stop me every time.”

Peer recommendations are huge, especially when potential employers and recruiters are sifting through tons of profiles. All positive recommendations are beneficial so don’t forget to return the favor if a co-worker or past co-worker takes the time to provide you with one. Hiring managers and recruiters also take note of recommendations from previous managers. No one likes a bridge burner – and they sure don’t get recommendations from their previous managers.

The number you have reached is no longer in service
“If your contact information isn’t correct, you’re clearly not enthusiastic about your job search.”

Often employers engage external staffing agencies because they have immediate needs. If it’s challenging to get in touch with you, the recruiter is likely to move on to the next candidate. Make sure your contact information is updated with a working telephone number and email address. Also, create an email account for this purpose only. CandyiSweet123@yahoo isn’t as cute as you think it is. Candy_LastName@Yahoo is a much better option.

There you have it – five updates you can make right now to maximize your LinkedIn profile for optimum results.



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