August 25th, 2016

Tips for Working with a Recruiter

It is important to remember that search firms are paid by their clients to source, recruit, and place candidates who fit their needs. Executive search professionals can, and will, assist in recruiting candidates.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind during your job search:

Ask for Advice

When working with recruiters, ask for their advice! They can help you better understand how the recruiting process works as well as advise you on how to create a positive impact throughout the interview.

Search professionals will generally provide you with very effective advice and suggestions during the recruiting process.

Listen carefully and consider all tips and techniques shared with you by the recruiter.

A good recruiter should make himself/herself available to you when requested. In return, when the recruiter has presented you to a client, it’s important that he/she can reach you in a timely manner, and that you return calls promptly.

Always be open and honest when dealing with job search professionals.

Advise the recruiter immediately of any change in your employment status, i.e., other job offers and opportunities being considered. When asked by the recruiter, you should provide complete and accurate information regarding your compensation, including details of all components of your compensation.

If you decide to work with more than one recruiter, it is important that both recruiters be aware of any presentations being made on your behalf. You must avoid being presented to the same company by more than one recruiter.

Tips for working with a recruiter: via @ajilon #WorkSmarter

A recruiter does not always acknowledge receipt of an unsolicited resume and corresponding information unless the recruiter, or their firm, is involved in an assignment where your skill set and experience are appropriate for the assignment. Follow up with the recruiter immediately after all interviews, discussing your interest level and opportunities. Delays in the response time back to the client can convey the wrong message.

Developing and maintaining relationships with recruiting professionals is key, it will only help you in the long run.

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