January 7th, 2020

5 Temporary Work Benefits To Consider

Are you thinking of making a career change? Consider taking a temp job. Temporary work can be the best way to find the right employment fit and a great way to ramp up your job search. Not only can you round out your time, resume and experience by going temp – you might also find your next full-time position with this strategic move. Here are the 5 most overwhelming benefits of temp work:

1. Temporary work allows for testing the waters in a position or industry.

The best thing about temporary positions is that they’re only temporary. They give you the unique opportunity to really test out your career choice before fully investing yourself and your time into a permanent position. Think of it as your time for self-exploration, while still receiving a paycheck, of course.

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2. Temporary work fills the gaps in your resume.

Another huge benefit to temporary work is that it’s a gap filler. It’s a great way to keep your resume’s work experience section from looking like a slice of Swiss cheese. It keeps you going, growing, and looking good to potential future employers.

3. Temporary work is flexible.

Take Debby, for example, a mother and wife who chose a temp career path after her husband lost his job. With the flexibility of assignment length and hours, she was able to still tend to her family’s needs, both financially and at home. When Debby needed extended breaks from work to tend to her children, she was able to take that time off – free of assignment – thanks to the ease and flexibility of temporary work.

4. Temporary work allows you to expand your skill sets.

Not every temporary job you have will be perfectly aligned with every single one of your skill sets, and actually, that’s what makes temp work such a great opportunity for you. Not only can you continue to sharpen some of your current skills that do come into play, but you can also pick up and learn skills that may be brand new to you. Keep an open mind because you may just find your calling or discover that you have a natural ability for a newly learned skill!

5. Temporary work comes with a built-in support system.

Staffing companies – such as the team here at Ajilon – are here to help guide you through each assignment you take. Ajilon’s kind and careful recruiters take note of your personal needs and work with you to ensure that you’re working on the right assignment, with the right company, for the right amount of time and money. Consider your recruiter a friend who you can look to in a moment’s notice.



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