May 5th, 2016

5 Ways Your Mom Shaped Your Career

This Mother’s Day, we wanted to take a little time to reflect on all the mamas out there who helped guide us in the right direction and shape our careers. We asked a few of you to tell us stories about your own mothers, and here’s what you had to say:

Encourage passion over paycheck.
“My mom always encouraged me to follow my passions; she taught me that loving what I do was always more important than any paycheck.”

In an employment landscape that’s finally on the up-and-up, job seekers can afford to be a little pickier with their careers. It’s no longer about just getting by, or getting beaucoup bucks; it’s about self-improvement and striving for the most fulfilling opportunities—opportunities that trigger our passionate sides. It seems we owe this “follow your heart instead of your wallet” mentality to our moms.

Set high expectations.
“My mom was hard on me; she set really high expectations and I lived up to the challenge. It really shaped my work ethic and my career goals.”

We love #mom! How did she shape your #career? #MothersDay edition

Being an active participant in your career trajectory is always a positive thing. Don’t just sit back and let things happen—make them happen. If you want that big promotion, go for it. Set high expectations for yourself. You’ll be surprised how quickly your career will begin to shift in the right direction. Make mama proud!

Value financial independence.
“My mom was stuck in a bad marriage because she was financially dependent on her spouse; she motivated me to always be able to take care of myself and never depend on another person in that way.”

With the divorce rate on the rise among baby boomers, it’s not entirely surprising to see the children of this generation (millennials and Gen Y) joining the workforce with their eyes on the prize of financial independence. Whether they witnessed a financially disruptive divorce or felt one parent was trapped for monetary reasons, millennials and Gen Y workers see the benefit of a dual-income household and more women (49% of US women) are contributing to household income.

Persevere to achieve your career goals.
“My mom worked really hard as a single parent to provide for my family and get extra education so she would qualify for higher paying jobs. All her hard work really motivated me to continue to push myself for better opportunities.”

Do as mom says and as she does. We got this hustle from our mamas—we witnessed how hard she worked and we tried our best to emulate that work ethic. We feel indebted to her for all she did to support our family. And look where we are now!

Make midstream adjustments.
“My mom always told me, ‘If you hate your job, do something about it!’ so I learned early on that if you don’t like your career situation, change it.”

Don’t be career complacent—if you hate your job, do something about it! There’s nothing worse than languishing in a headache-inducing job when there are countless better jobs for the taking. Update your resume, showcase your skills, and move to greener pastures.

Like showing us how to use a spoon and how to sing the ABCs, it seems our moms really did teach us all the good stuff.  From career motivation to unrelenting work ethic, our moms put us on the path to success early and we’re forever grateful to them.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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