June 19th, 2013

Happy Employees, Happy Life – Part 2

Let Them Grow

The possibility for advancement is one of the workplace’s greatest motivators. For employees who show an interest in learning new skills and taking on additional tasks, provide them with chances to do so whenever possible. Regularly remind your staff about your company’s internal training program and/or send employees to seminars, workshops or professional development classes, and encourage them to share their notes with coworkers. Now they feel empowered and the rest of the team is educated.

Even if your organization doesn’t have a formal review process in place, start one with your team today.

In your weekly or bi-weekly meetings, have your employees give you at least five job-related tasks they want to accomplish by the end of the year. Allowing them to pick their goals forces them to think about their job functions and allows you to gage where they want to go in their current position. Touch base on these goals in your meetings and ensure they are working toward them and provide support when necessary. When goals are met, positive attitudes and increased productivity are the result.

Show Them You Care

Some people are monetarily motivated, but for most the acknowledgment of hard work is a top characteristic of the perfect job. Often when outstanding employees do outstanding work, it becomes the expectation rather than something outstanding. We automatically recognize improvement, but consistency deserves to be rewarded every now and then too.
Make sure your employees who get it right every time know you recognize and appreciate their effort. Have you said thank you today? Go ahead and do it. Now.

Above all, keep in mind that everyone is different – and so are their internal motivations. Often Managers make the mistake of managing people in the way they themselves prefer to be managed, or how they think they ‘should’ manage. If you don’t already know, it is more than okay to ask your employees for feedback. Ask them how they like to be managed. Ask them where their motivation lies.  You don’t have to guess.  Fostering an environment where open communication is encouraged is certain to make you a cohesive and productive team, two things that will make everyone happy. Guaranteed.



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