April 25th, 2018

Honoring the Best on Administrative Professionals Day

The Day Has Arrived

This is Administrative Professionals Week, and today is Administrative Professionals Day, a time when we take extra effort to recognize the staff that works so hard supporting us all year long. The entire week is dedicated to this recognition, but this is the day. Administrative staff members are critical to business operations. Let’s face it – our offices wouldn’t function without them. This goes far beyond maintaining calendars and greeting customers. Administrative professionals have their hands on the pulse of an organization.

Attention to detail is key as an office administrator, as many of the tasks on the to-do list involve multiple steps carried out over days or weeks. If an admin misses a step or lets part of the process slip through the cracks, the whole business can come to a screeching halt. Admins typically have dozens of plates spinning at once, taking care to keep them from crashing to the floor.

Successful administrative staff members also have an eye for process improvement. Through involvement in tasks like billing and procurement, administrative pros are able to spot ways to make things run smoother. They can make suggestions on how to streamline a process and/or save money because they are the ones in the weeds every day. Admins also often contribute to the business’s end game, offering insight to sales made and products and services offered.

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What Clients Have to Say About Our Administrative Professionals

Over the past several weeks, we asked our clients to nominate administrative professionals for their excellent service and outstanding performance. We received over 40 nominations! Our branches are taking the time to honor those deserving individuals today in various ways on Administrative Professionals Day. Here is a taste of what clients had to say about our candidates.

From Atlanta, GA, “She has a GREAT attitude; always smiling and making others smile, too…Strong work ethic and the motivation to get things done when needed! She’s always making sure everything is going well and helping others. She fills in for others even when she hasn’t had any (or limited) training for their position because she’s smart enough to figure it out! She’s AWESOME!!!”

From Cincinnati, OH, “She is always prompt, dresses appropriately, has a great attitude, and understands all the duties that are required of her. She thinks ahead and asks herself the next question before seeking out help. She has been a valuable asset to our office, and I can’t wait to see her continue to grow and excel!”

From Charlotte, NC, “She is awesome in every way.”

From Monrovia, CA, “She was quick to learn our processes, receives many compliments and took initiative to learn more duties when offered by visiting managers from our other locations.”

From Madison, NJ, “She is not just a temp but a part of our team. She has a positive attitude. She is a quick learner and has held multiple roles in the department. She is definitely top notch!”

From Milwaukee, WI, “She is always willing to go above and beyond to get the job done and always with a smile!”

Washington DC: The DC Stands for “Dream Candidates”

We had an abundance of nominations from our Washington, DC branch. Here are what our clients in and around the Nation’s Capital had to say about our administrative professionals.

“He was great! Very professional, friendly and organized. Very good at data entry and enthusiastic about his work and really good at following through at tasks.”

“He was always very attentive to detail, had great initiative, never complained about work load and always willing to help. If he saw someone bogged down, would always want to help and offer. During the annual conference, he came in during the weekend when he didn’t have to. We ended up hiring him!”

“Highly capable, takes the initiative and never just sits and waits. Always looking for more to do, always catches on and very efficient.”

“She’s that rare professional that learns her job quickly and excels in it. She has tackled many extra responsibilities at the front desk. She is so good in her work that when she is here, she takes care of business and that leaves me to concentrate on other pressing issues. She is in many ways the perfect employee!

Congrats to All

Ajilon would like to congratulate these individuals on a job well done! We recognize their hard work – and the hard work of all administrative professionals – and send our sincere thanks for all that they do. You are the stars of this celebratory week, and what you do does not go unnoticed.

Show Your Appreciation

This may be the designated time each year to do something special for your administrative professionals, but we ask that you remember their efforts all year long. It’s always a great day to show your appreciation. Share what you’re doing for your administrative staff with us by tagging Ajilon on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and we’ll share with our networks!

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